The region

Hikes and nature

The Rouergue is what we can call “la France profonde” although the infrastructure and the living standards have improved over the last twenty years. However, there are still places where time seems to be suspended and where nature is preserved. You can still hike and get temporarily lost. Little adventures like this make for great anecdotes such as the time when a farmer brought back clients, who where a little tipsy after an eau de vie tasting.
The villages are mostly on the plateaus and are separated by hundreds of rivers and streams forming many unexpected valleys.

Over the 30 years we have lived here, we have learnt a lot about the area – but we constantly discover new places.
We have a lot of information available for you about the campsite, the region, activities, hikes, outings etc.


To cycle in this region you need have a good bicycle and a little riding experience. The roads vary between gentle and quite steep. They are guaranteed to give you the occasional thrill and get you in shape. The views are always picturesque.

On the road there are always nice places to pause and visit. We have prepared some attractive routes for you.


45 minutes from the campsite is Najac, a pretty little village on the slopes of a hill with an ancient castle on its very top. At the bottom runs the Aveyron, the biggest river of the region, where you can rent kayaks and canoes.

Saint Antonin Noble Val, Laguépie and Cajarc are other beautiful villages on the river where you can rent canoes and kayacs, but they are further away.
During the high season it is better to call and make reservations. If the language is a problem, we can do it for you

Horseback riding

We offer little pony rides for the kids (each pony is led by an experienced person).
The more advanced can do a one hour ride through the forest with our daughter.
Check out the chapter “Horses” to meet them.


The Liort river is great for the kids to
play in.

A 10 minute drive takes you to the Viaur river where the whole family can swim. There is also a nice field there with picnic tables and a parking lawn.
At a 30 minute drive there is a big lake.
There are swimming pools in Rieupeyroux (11 km) and in Naucelle (15 km)